Hello and welcome to LOVE x Nemo! (pronounced LOVE "By" Nemo)

Our mission is to love and encourage others, daily, through apparel.

We strive to educate and assist as many people as possible in knowing what it means to experience true Love, find inner peace, and develop a victorious mindset – despite one's circumstances. This is how we become the best version of ourselves and help others become the best version of themselves.


Love is the answer. Love is the ultimate and final answer. You can have nothing, yet have everything if Love is present. You can have everything, yet have nothing if Love is not present.

If we reject Love, we reject the fabric of our being. The source of our existence and the creation of all things derive from Love. So the more we accept it and showcase it, the more fulfilled we will find our lives to be.

If you peel back the layers of any human’s behavior by simply asking the question, "why?," the innermost part, the seed from which all else grows, the foundation and concluding answer — is Love. This is the one true need of every person on Earth and the solution to the challenges we face as humans.

So Love yourself and those around you — it is what matters most.


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